November 13, 2013

Welcome to the official store for London based publishing brand, BLAG™


A few words from Tom Hardy on the BLAG Label

"Sarah, Sally and I have known each other for years and love all forms of expression that reflect our observations, imagery, imagination creativity; from symbolism and journeys, spiritual and physical, raw experience and simplistic to good fun classic to contemporary pleasures. 

Thoughts movements. Experiences. Making clothes or choosing fits. Upcycling to collecting imagery we like - meaningful practical wear. Like tattoos tell a story for their owner at their best. I am influenced by my life's experiences and feel strongly compelled to mark and witness in my life and manifest observations into physical – however and in whatever medium - it doesn't matter to me – as many as I can simply to reflect or even celebrate the connection I have to the world around me. 

Sarah, Sally and I vibe nicely, be it social, political to community and visual references. Just wanting to share our heads and eyes, our sense, our response to stimuli. To observe and reflect in mediums. 

Artistic endeavour; in a collaboration is one of the truest forms of sharing with others - a counseled eye.

Collaboration across all forms of artistic endeavor is important and vital for me as an artist as well as isolatory meditations. Skill swapping and think tanks are essential to a creative team. Where best ideas should win. With all our friends in all fields and mind, BLAG, Red Hand and our design project with the clothing I'd say is all about expression and a genuine freedom to enjoy life and thought, comfort in shared observation and put it down on whatever object or canvas we can. 

It's about connection and spirit and heart and honesty, creativity collaboration and fun – all things we like – like to collect and to watch, what we observe; what we like, who and what we respond to or not and simply what we'd like to wear ourselves and what we can do with a future within the world of creative thinking – and with integrity. We just vibe laterally – its not just a clothing label for me this collaboration. And then we just want to make clothes for our friends too."