November 25, 2013

Welcome to the official store for London based publishing brand, BLAG™


New Releases: The Aces Series, clue on the Sketchbook

For those of you who ordered the Sketchbook Hoodie, Henley and upcoming Pocket Tee, you might've caught a clue in the design for the new art series, The Aces. Designed and created by Sally A. Edwards, Sarah J. Edwards & Tom Hardy, The Aces series will be revealed across the coming days, check back on the store to get your first batch order in. 

The Sketchbook Hoodie, Henley and T-shirt are available to order in time for Christmas / Holiday presents. All items are premium, 100% organic cotton, art is hand printed in London and come with stitched in handmade neck labels personally signed by Sally, Sarah & Tom. Shipping worldwide.