January 17, 2014

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The Aces are here


Here's The Aces. A collection of pieces by Tom Hardy, Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards for the BLAG Label. Without the need of scissors, paper, stones, each Ace was dished out, Tom taking lead with the Ace of Spades T-Shirt and Hoodie, Sally for the Ace of Hearts T-Shirt and Hoodie and Sarah for the Ace of Clubs Hoodie. All art is a collaborative process between the three and this month see's guest Bryan Glatiotis work his magic with The Raven. Bryan runs Darkday Tattoo Studios and is Tom's Personal Tattoo Artist. All items are Very Limited Edition and come with handmade neck labels signed by Tom, Sally & Sarah,


See the latest pieces here: http://weareblag.com/collections/the-aces