July 12, 2014

Welcome to the official store for London based publishing brand, BLAG™


New Styles + Remixed

Hi Everyone, 

We're delighted to share the new Black Label items.

My Definition

Designed by Sarah J. Edwards, Sally A. Edwards & Tom Hardy

Featuring the BLAG logo, definition and a mix-up of art by the trio: Boom Box, Feather and Brush Strokes by Sally. Diver, Anchor, Rose and the infamous hand by Sarah and an English Bowling Party by Tom. Hand screen printed in England on a beautiful super soft t-shirt.

Available in white or colbalt blue. 


Messenger Remixed 

by Sally A. Edwards, Sarah J. Edwards & Tom Hardy

Art on the front of each t-shirt was created by Sally A. Edwards using Japanese brushes and inks. The art is applied to the t-shirt with a special technique to lift and create texture.


Raven Remixed T-Shirt

Designed by Bryan Glatiotis, Tom Hardy, Sarah J. Edwards & Sally A. Edwards.

Art features an incredible intricate design of The Raven over a vintage London map by Bryan Glatiotis of DarkDay Tattoo Studios www.darkdaytattoo.com drawn by Sarah. 


London, Love Remixed

by Sarah J. Edwards, Sally A. Edwards & Tom Hardy

The London, Love design is a handdrawn nod to our beloved city, it features the Tower of London's famous Ravens, a thorny Rose, an anchor and traditional lettering painted over glossily. Also, the comma is a nod to favourite nickname for everyone, Love.