September 15, 2014

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The Story Behind The Art: BLAG Kings Cricket Club

The Story Behind the Art: BLAG Kings Cricket Club

As you all well know, it’s been a busy summer for us, Tom filmed Legend, the Kray Twins biopic, while Sally and Sarah were all hands on deck launching the Gold Label menswear line. Despite our crazy schedules, it didn’t stop us all from concocting and sketching up ideas between takes and production. Texts, emails, photos, ideas and notes constantly fly around amongst us, with all manner of ideas. Here’s a piece that celebrates British eccentricity, the BLAG Kings Cricket Club. The initial concept is by Tom, with line drawings by Sarah, after equally eccentric research: looking at the greenest Cricket Grounds in the country, jewellary intricacies to bring back our Lucky Sevens,  historical anatomy studies via medicine libraries, figuring the difference between real and fake handcuffs, top hats that have enough character and finally creating various handmade typography styles. Sally completed the piece using her fine tuned Art Direction skills – team work and something we hope you’ll all love.

Available on our classic t-shirts, super warm zip hoodies, pullover hoodie, short sleeve sweatshirt, vintage sweatshirt and baseball t-shirt. Each piece comes with our new style hand made neck labels, signed by Tom, Sally and Sarah.