September 15, 2014

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The Story Behind the Art: Savvy

The Story Behind the Art....


Years ago, we were asked to describe who BLAG was for. All marketing folk require a simple synopsis and wanted us to box in a group of people who were loyal to BLAG, but simply couldn’t be boxed in - as far as we’re concerned anyone interested in BLAG likes to create and write their own rules. We thought long and hard to capture all our fantastic people in one sentence, truth be told, it took ages and was one of the most frustrating requests we’d encountered. We’d never given ourselves a word count or a structure or a rule book for BLAG, so to describe a group of people who don’t belong in one group was crazy. It became a bit of a puzzle for friends and family who we all asked for ideas, we ultimately roped in the Hard Rhymer Chuck D, as our one man approval committee to make sense of the final thing, which we concocted: “BLAG: Real culture for Sophisticated Rebels and Savvy Individuals”. We wanted to carry this on through with the label, because we’d found it a fun way to categorise almost anyone we met who had an inspired, intriguing and admired journey. So, after last year’s fun with the Sophisticated Rebel pieces, we figured it was time for those of you we consider Savvy to be honoured and there are MANY!

Enjoy this painting by Sally - her use of traditional Japanese Inks and Brushes has taken on a life of its own over the past two years, fluid, delicate, edgy, street.