September 15, 2014

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The Story Behind the Art: Sophisticated Charm

The Story Behind the Art: Sophisticated Charm

Sally told us she wanted to up the ante on the original Sophisticated Rebel piece created last year. She wanted to look at elements that we sometimes unknowingly surround ourselves with, which we end up holding dear – lucky charms. More often than not, these things become your lucky charm quite out-of-the-blue and hold brilliant stories just to themselves. They may have sentimental value, they may be gifted to us as lucky, become lucky or they may be sold as lucky.

The idea that something could be 360 degrees lucky and be for a troop of people was inspiring, like gangs have their identity via tags (not hashtags), teams have their logos, the Sophisticated Charm is a visual treat of curiosities, (good) old wives and barbers tales. The chain includes a key, locket, hip flask, cut throat razor, camera and rabbit’s foot - reminders and charms our nearest and dearest hold close.