September 18, 2013

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Editors Letter | BLAG Magazine 21st Birthday Edition

BLAG Magazine has come of age. 21 years old. An adult. We sat back and thought what should happen to this 21 year old ‘thing’? It has grown a voice of its own, an identity and a style. Its absorbed over the years some of the finest stories that inspire, delight, break your heart and light up your life. It's about creativity, positivity and happiness.

It's a passionate peace lover wrapped up in glossy pages.

BLAG is for Sophisticated Rebels and Savvy Individuals - it's by, with and for people doing things differently with class. It's about the heart of the meaning of the dictionary definitions:

~Sophisticated: showing worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

~Rebel: resist convention

~Savvy: shrewd and knowledgeable

~Individual: striking or unusual: original

For the 21st Birthday Edition, we threw any kind of rules by the way side and went for a free approach, we have used Escapism as our running theme and took our subjects on a journey too. We roamed the history packed beautiful streets of Prague with Tom Hardy to shoot our new collective clothing label. We went to the mountains with cover star Travis Fimmel. We took city folk into the country – cover stars Rizzle Kicks, feature stars Emun Elliot and Howard Charles. We had the talent challenge us for their interviews. Had a laugh with Clark Duke. We turned screen siren Helen McCrory into a graff writer on the very gallery walls that have opened up our featured artists: Adam Neate, Phil Frost and Anthony Lister to worldwide collectors. Most of all we learnt a lot and we got more creative then ever. There's photography, painting, drawing, word play and more. We've got messages on love, romance, ambition, surprise, humour, tales of the unexpected and anything in between. We learnt our generation is the first of its kind - we truly can have what we want if we learn to fight for it using weapons of ambition, creativity and kindness.

This is BLAG Magazine at 21. Still on paper, still shot on film and still made independently by Sally A. Edwards & Sarah J. Edwards.