Sally and Sarah Launch Artists For Artists Campaign

July 28, 2017

Sally and Sarah Launch Artists For Artists Campaign

The world’s most credible and influential creators join together for the first Artists For Artists Campaign

BLAG Co-Founders, Sally A. and Sarah J. Edwards launch
international awareness campaign: Artists For Artists
#ArtistsForArtists #StrengthInNumbers

Public Enemy and Prophets of Rage’s Chuck D, Singer / Producer Sleepy Brown (Organized Noize, OutKast), Dead Prez’s Stic, Slum Village’s T3, Artist Fafi, Artist Stuart Semple, singer / songwriter Ben Lee, up-and-coming MC Jallal, Actor Jonathan Sadowski (Young & Hungry, She’s The Man), Director Tamra Davis (Grey’s Anatomy, Santa Clarita Diet, Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child) and Fashion Stylists Melissa Lynn (Dr. Dre, Katy Perry) and Harris Elliott (Kate Tempest) join Sally and Sarah as they launch their campaign to raise awareness for the importance of support within the creative community, using social media.

For over 25 years Sally and Sarah have supported and encouraged artists in their jobs, their special projects and through BLAG. Artists posted photos of themselves on social media, posing with their arm flexed 💪to symbolise #ArtistsForArtists #StrengthInNumbers

“Sally and I go through so much to get our work out there and know most of the artists we collaborate with do too,” said Sarah.
“We're seeing far too many people take each other for granted. To be creative and original means to be vulnerable and upon success many people are looked upon as bullet proof and the emotions required to create are often a whole different battle. And we, like so many others can have our dreams or plans blocked / halted and oftentimes because of its originality,” explained Sally.

“I’m a longtime fanatic of BLAG,” said Chuck D, “Artists For Artists Campaign is the move…the march with sight, sound, story and style,” he tweeted. Adding “Give me art to communicate to the world as the government keeps tripping on laws.”
“To be an artist is a sacred responsibility. To me, artistry isn't about celebrity, it's about service and moving culture forward. When we have a powerful artistry platform we must also have powerful personal practises to keep ourselves principled,” said Stic of Dead Prez, “If not, the success of celebrity without self preservation can sabotage our ability to serve at our highest potential.”
“These last few months we have experienced the loss of some wonderfully talented creative minds. Perhaps it's the innate sensitivity that the creative arts require, but whatever the case, far too many artists end up isolating and suffering in silence rather than reaching out to their communities when they need help,” posted Ben Lee, “I love my community and am always ready to step up and be a friend when someone is hurting. Today I am happy to be a part of #artistsforartists.”
“I am proud to be included in a community of artists that make people experience every emotion across the spectrum, pushing the envelope of the human experience,” said Jonathan Sadowski.
“Artists contribute so much to society and it’s time they got recognised for their generosity and passion.” Stuart Semple

In the forthcoming print edition of BLAG Vol.4 No 1, Sally and Sarah have given over the entire edition to support more artists they love and care about. Within it, everyone featured is talking about what it's actually like to be creative, including cover stars singer / actor Miguel who has given one of his most personal interviews to date, in a world exclusive and performer / actor Sofia Boutella discusses having Madonna as her mentor.

“I just want to be purposeful.” Miguel says in his interview, “I'm trying to find my way to address what I see as wrong or at least supplement what I feel we need and do as much as I can to feed that, because we're missing a lot right now. We're missing a lot, it's a crazy time, you can see it in the culture.”

“We believe it's imperative to come together and give each other support in life now rather than when it's too late, especially in the current climate. Creativity is more important and powerful than ever and we really feel it should be higher up on the agenda,” added Sally.

“We all work so hard, we feel it's time everyone gave each other much more support, from that we know many good things can and will happen and we can bring so much more to fruition and effect a positive movement,” stated Sarah.

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