Vol.3 No 4 Special Edition | Travis Fimmel

For the first time ever online, read Sally A. Edwards' in-depth interview with Travis Fimmel from our sold out print edition, Vol.3 Nø4.

Here's Part I

Interview and Art Direction by Sally A. Edwards

Photography by Sarah J. Edwards

I could write a typical introduction about Travis Fimmel, drudging up old information about previous work, laced with objectification; but, there are too many versions of those out there – whether diluted or over-egged. Truth is, there’s a lot more to him, and – as you know, we’d rather not rely on “the internet machine” for facts.

Instead, we want to bring you something fresh with a down-to-earth and realistic perspective – from the photo-shoot to the story.
The decision to feature Travis was purely instinctive and made before Vikings had officially landed in the UK. In this series – from Elizabeth and The Tudors’ Michael Hirst and boldly commissioned by the History Channel, he takes lead as Ragnar Lothbrok.

With all this in mind, I wanted to meet him with notes for a feature with a clean slate. We then collectively created a mix of interview and experiment. You’ll find out about the latter in Part II.
Now albeit, I tend not to have preconceived ideas about meeting people for BLAG; what happened would be almost entirely unexpected...


Travis calls himself ‘dumb’ at any given opportunity. I’ve been quietly and subtly testing this on him since we met and I can tell you, he isn’t. Along with some self-confessions below, he’s tactical and patient underneath the initial persona of practical joker – which for the record he has a pretty incredible portfolio of. A heads-up though: just watch your step. You see Travis is 6’ and as strong as an ox. I, on the other hand am not, and I spent much of our time together laughing and tutting at how often he managed to trip me up. Luckily I kept my balance and even luckier I managed to divert – within about an inch, what could have been a disaster when he pushed me full force towards three people leaving a gathering – they didn’t notice a thing.
In addition, albeit we took our non-fussy approach, he hates all “that shit” as in being photographed and interviewed – which was almost our first impression. Yet fast forward a few weeks after we meet and he arranges to have one of his cast-mate: Robert Jefferson Hall’s on-set photographs from Season Two, sent over for us to consider running exclusively. “... because there are so many images from the first series out there, I wondered if perhaps you’d like something new.” We thought you’d like them too.

Prior to all this, Sarah and I picked up Travis at his hotel for the photo-shoot. We took a drive to one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland and a location for Vikings. As we arrived, we were warned we could be under attack by midges. Travis picked up a fern leaf and squashed it down, “This is what the locals use as repellant,” he said, walking towards me and applying it. “They don’t actually, let’s see if your sister falls for it,” he giggles under his breath. Sarah goes to pick some up, “No! He’s winding you up,” I shout over. So whilst Travis then got attacked in his hair, on his face and arms, Sarah too. I came away pretty much unscathed... The irony of it.


The first thing is to describe yourself in three words.
“Dumb. Australian. Errrrr.... Ummmmm.....” Hungover?
“Yep. Yeah, that’s the last one. Good work.”

Great. I’m going to ask you some Vikings based questions, then some other things to mess you up while you’re hungover. So what do you think it is about Vikings that’s charmed so many people and what do you think makes it different?
“I want to compliment the History Channel, we’re very lucky being on [their] network, [because] they set out to make a show that’s hasn’t already been on TV. This shows the Vikings in a new light... In history vikings are portrayed so badly, they didn’t read or write. They were always written about by the people that they attacked and I think this show is so different because it shows the Vikings’ perspective and the humanity of them. They weren’t just savage people, they did everything for a reason you know, to provide for their family and their community. We tried hard to humanise the characters... They were family people... [pretends to snore] I hate questions. I don’t have answers. I’m sesquipedalophobic. Can’t you make that one up?”

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Front: Tom Hardy - Back: Travis Fimmel | Limited Edition - Sold out

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Ten Essential Tips for Getting Away by Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030

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