Vol.3 No 4 Special Edition | Tom Hardy

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21st Birthday Special Edition of BLAG - Sold out.

Deluxe Coffee Table Collectors Edition

Covers to choose from:

Front: Travis Fimmel - Back: Rizzle Kicks - Sold out

Front: Rizzle Kicks - Back: Travis Fimmel - restocking

Front: Tom Hardy - Back: Rizzle Kicks | Limited Edition - Sold out

Front: Tom Hardy - Back: Travis Fimmel | Limited Edition - Sold out

Cover text is in stunning gold foil block.

21st Birthday Special Edition with personal message from Sally & Sarah


The line-up includes:

World Exclusive portfolio shoots with:

Travis Fimmel

Rizzle Kicks 

Tom Hardy* *BLAG Photography Portfolio - Tom wears new Classic BLAG t-shirt

& Action! with Emun Elliott and Howard Charles

Main features: Helen McCrory and  Clark Duke

Art features: Anthony Lister, Adam Neate, Escapism

Ten Essential Tips for Getting Away by Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030

A Guide to Defense: Escapism Preparation


Please note that full size images and full interviews appearing in the Magazine won't be made available online by BLAG. 

No still / footage may be used without permission.

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