Noomi Rapace | Exclusive excerpt from BLAG Vol.3 Nø5

We have an in-depth cover feature with Noomi in the brand new edition where we created six characters and discussed her work, social media, plans and more. Here's a tiny extract for your taste buds...

Interview: Sally A. Edwards

Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

We met Noomi a few years ago for her infamous cover shoot with Tom Hardy before they made The Drop and Child 44. Remember that bubble bath? We’ve been in touch ever since. With so much coming up for Noomi and not only our mutual love of creativity and conversations about life, we wanted to collaborate on something special for you. What began as a few exchanged messages and then a whole lot of improvisation, became something unprecedented for all of us; something we hadn't initially expected: An adventure into style, personality and people.

Noomi on Child 44

"What’s interesting about the story is, it is a love story, but it’s kind of a reverse love story with these two people who are caught in the system in two different ways. She’s a teacher and he works for MGB – which became the KGB later on, and [the crimes] he committed in the name of justice. He’s been working for the government, thinking he’s been doing the right thing for his country and when you start to awake from that, you realise what you’ve done, what you've become and for her too. You know, they go on this journey… It’s almost like two stories, it’s a love story and it follows a [child killer]. 

And Unlocked. What can you tell us about it, other than you getting a broken nose, burnt cheek and sore foot? “I don’t know if it’s broken, I have to get it checked out, but they think so, but you can see that it changed a bit. [points and pulls at nose]. Errr… my foot is fucked! [laughs]. I ripped a muscle in my stomach, I pulled my hamstring, my knuckles were bleeding, my arms were completely bruised.” What do you play, like a secretary? [laughs] Kidding. [laughs]




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