Joey Bada$$ | Exclusive excerpt from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5

Inside the new edition is a major shoot and interview with the super talented Joey Bada$$, created as a documentary style interview and shoot, the story is set out in chapters: Hip Hop 101, Past, Present, Future, plus Joey's Ten Essential Tips on How to Make Everything Happen. Here's an excerpt:

Interview & Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

It’s an overcast day in London, outside Hotel Cafe Royal on Regent’s Street and at bang on midday, Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight are walking towards me. Strikingly, Joey is hidden beneath a skeleton face mask and BAPE hoodie, which is complimented with black trench and waxed black jeans, Kirk is in a marl grey hoodie, black jeans and flashing his winning smile. Fresh out of Brooklyn, our London streets are familiar territory for these much loved talents, yet this is our first ever meeting. Right away Joey and Kirk are friendly and inquisitive, grateful and humble. Confident.

It’s kind of magical what the small equation of a few words and rapport can do and within moments we all click brilliantly. We spend the day talking hip hop stories, photography, magazines, morals and fashion, by the end of our shoot Joey and Kirk couldn’t be more appreciative. Kirk paid a compliment to Sally and I that stayed with me, he stated the fact we have remained tight with certain influential figures in the industry for many, many years ‘says a lot about you.’ That even crossing Kirk’s mind makes you realise how these gents are wired.

Fresh out of his teen years, Joey has already delivered a catalogue of work that has put him on the same path as his role models. He’s added value to the meaning of being a young MC, hip hop and the culture in the 2010’s: authenticity and perspective. This Bed Stuy baby knew from childhood he wanted to succeed in music, embracing words, concisely gathering knowledge and the necessary essentials to embark on his journey. He co-founded his Pro Era collective in a classroom at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn. Joey surrounds himself with...


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