Les Twins | Exclusive excerpt from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 5

We have an in-depth cover feature with Les Twins in the brand new edition. Here's a small teaser for you. 

Interview & Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

At just before noon, looking down along rue de Marignan, I spot Laurent gliding towards the hotel balanced on his Solowheel,  “Morning!” I call down from the window to him, he looks up grinning, “Hey!”

Moments later inside, shy at first, Laurent is complimenting BLAG in a surprisingly big way, as he turns the pages, his excitement grows seeing more and more actors and musicians he appreciates. Immediately, I’m slightly cautious. We all know flattery will get you everywhere, it’s a simple route to a position of advantage. Passionate and real reigns supreme in our books – so I verbally nudge him, “Really?”

He bursts out “Yes!” and in the process confesses goosebumps at seeing the photography, pulling up his top to reveal a torso covered in cutis anserina. You can’t make that up.

Having made a subtle entrance Larry is now in the building, everyone is sitting around the circular sofa and there’s a relaxed, lively energy. Larry’s equally as upbeat and animated, “That’s my motherfucker!” he exclaims as James McAvoy’s BLAG cover catches his eye, as are Andrew Garfield and Game. It’s not long before several conversations are happening at once and we find ourselves talking non-stop with laughter on repeat all afternoon. 

It’s spending time with them you realise they’re kind of a dream team; tenacious, charismatic and great company off-the-bat. They bring a juxtaposition I like – they’re humour driven, open minded, style conscious, with a touch of rebellion, hip hop roots and eclecticism...

...Now. Ready for some twin chat? After our shoot, Larry, Laurent, Sally and I are now seated together outside on the penthouse terrace. Here’s what happened...


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