Luke Grimes Interview | Vol.3 Nø 1 Edition

Interview: Sally A. Edwards |  Photography: Sarah J. Edwards

Luke Grimes returns to the silver screen shortly with a role in the hotly tipped American Sniper. Here's an excerpt from Sally's INTRODUCING... interview from Vol.3 Nø 1.

Luke Grimes has looks of an icon. He is tall, with incredible cheekbones, versatile hair and bright, dark eyes. He's comfortably quiet. There's no awkwardness with this actor, who – hailing from Dayton, Ohio – has been on a major voyage, both geographically and personally. Luke spent his summers – whilst living at home with his family – playing drums at the Church camp. He went on to study acting in New York and then moved completely solo to Los Angeles to pursue a film career. Before too long Luke was on set with Bruce Willis, Ellen Barkin and Sally Field.

Please introduce yourself, including your residence and favourite time of day, and why? "I currently live in Hollywood. My favorite time of day is dusk, although I don't like the word dusk. I come alive at night and it's really exciting right before it gets dark. There is something creepy and mysterious in the air."

Can you tell us about your moves and experiences from Dayton, Ohio to New York to LA? "It was complete culture shock. I was pretty sheltered growing up, and New York is a hard place for anyone to get out of their box. I wish I could have taken advantage of the city a little more. Most of the time I wasn't very present and to be honest, I forget a great deal of it. There were good times as well though, and I couldn't be happier about my growth as an actor. Los Angeles was a very different move. There wasn't a timeframe like there was with school. I was going to stay here until I was able to work as an actor in the way that I wanted. It was permanent, and I was alone. That isn't meant to be a complaint. I would have no idea who I was, or what it is like to be in the shoes of another person unless I had gotten close to being completely alone. I was socially awkward, and constantly embarrassed. No one understood me, and I didn't blame them. I felt like David Brent from The Office except there was no delusion. I knew exactly how pathetic I was, and now I can draw on that experience for the rest of my life and career. Now things are different. I have a few really close friends, and plenty of buddies whenever I'd like to socialize."

We know you received a degree from the American Academy for Dramatic Arts on your New York stop. Can you tell us a standout anecdote from your experience there? "There was a teacher called Jackie, who happened to be my favourite. When you show up to a conservatory, the first thing you want to do is find out if you are any good. In my first year she gave me all kinds of approval, and of course being young I started to grow an enormous head. When the second year rolled around I would come to class without ever rehearsing. I thought I was that good. I thought I was Marlon Brando. All of a sudden I would be in the middle of a scene and she would yell...'Stop! What the fuck are you doing?! Get out and try again!' She would do it over and over again until one day I broke down sobbing in front of my entire class... That was when I became an actor. Who are you proud to call your fellow Alumni's? To me, the most impressive of the bunch is Robert Redford. I've always been impressed by how he never relied on his charisma, and he could have."

What role and genre of film would you love to do? Who would star alongside you and direct? "There actually is a book, which I plan on buying the rights to when I have the money. I don't want to say what it is because if someone else bought it and gave the part to some Disney kid I would probably cry. It is an incredible story about a young man around the time of America's birth. I would love the chance to work with Paul Thomas Anderson, but then again who wouldn't? As far as actors I would like to work with, the list is too long but I will name a few: Jack Nicholson, Mickey Rourke, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Debra Winger... [I would have loved to have worked with] Natalie Wood... I could do this all day..."

What music do you enjoy? "Everything in the right context."

Styling: Jenny Ricker at The Wall Group Grooming: Kiki Benet

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