Phil Frost | Exclusive Excerpt from BLAG Vol.3 Nø 3

Interview by Sally A. Edwards

Art by Phil Frost

“The people that violate the originators are an absurdist violent calamity of a diluted mediocrity.”

US Artist extraordinaire, Phil Frost makes meticulous, intricate works. His attention to detail is first class. We first met when Phil was painting his now legendary piece that resides outside Slam City Skates in London’s Covent Garden back in ‘96.

We then featured Phil in BLAG Vol.2 Nø 2 with Beastie Boys on the cover in 2005. Since then he’s exhibited all over the world and pushed boundaries further to create new advanced pieces. Here, we talk to Phil about how times have changed, how it’s influenced his work and how he’s advancing his style and mediums.

Phil’s answers are as eloquent and unique as his art.

Time & Space

It’s been a while, how time flies! It’s amazing how life has changed. In three sentences how has life and your work progressed?

“My Work is a continuum. It is created with gestural movement and daily inflections picked up along the way. I make use of my environment like this and log passage.”

Are there any prolific events that have inspired your work, if so what are they and how?

“As time and space fluctuate with one another, so do I in relation to my work. My work is constantly revealing and seeking to evolve as it is shaped with and by its surroundings.”



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